Uterine Fibroids

The patient is Female, 50yrs old. She was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylitis and Frozen shoulder, around 2 years back, we did physiotherapy and some anti-inflammant medications. As that wasn’...

What does Virginal Introitus mean on a pelvic exam, prior to a gyne surgery? My medical records does not say vaginal introitus, but Virginal Introitus. My records say, "there is a virginal i...

Is an endometrial biopsy necessary at this time? 56 yr-old postmenopausal on continuous BHRT. BHRT doubled last March. Spotting in Sept and Dec. BHRT adjusted in early Jan, reducing estrogen by...

Is it danger if endometrial echo central measures is 15.1mm at the age of 12years. in ultrasound of abdomen findings are suggestive of endometrial hyperplasia.

Would a 2.5 cm uterine fibroid be considered to be a large tumor and should it be treated?

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