Uterine and Cervical Cancer

I had an endometrial biopsy last week, and the pathology report shows "fragmented, superficial proliferative phase endometrium and hyalinized stromal nodule. No hyperplasia or carcinoma. An ag...

Ive had a strange twitching that has move to sharp pains occasionally... I googled it and it said i was pregnant, but ive never had sex, ive had oral sex and he uses his fingers but not actual sex....

My relative is suffering from uterus cancer, And doctors said that there are less chances of survival..Can you tell me about what are preventions we can take?

Hello I have been haveing sharp pains and exstremely painful intercourse and now there is 2peices of flesh like a growth showing on the opening of my vagina it isn't anything sexually transmitted

I have a thickened endometrial stripe that was seen on several pelvic sonograms since the first in 2011, and two more in 2014, I believe it was 8 but is now 9 mm. I have no bleeding. I have seen ...

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