Vaginal Discharge

During sex thursday i bleed out in bed n today walking up steps i bled out gushing red blood what is this its not my period

My 19 yr old daughter has had vaginal discharge, itching and general discomfort for a few weeks. She used Vagisil as directed and it didn't help. She went to the doctor and the doctor said it is ...

I'm on birth control, I have had a period for the last week and a half in between when I'm supposed to be on my period. My period was mostly black vaginal discharge and it hurt to have a tampon in....

I am having lower left side abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, what could it be?

Dear doctor. I recently have sex with my girlfriend 3 days ago. my girlfriend is 22 years old and was a virgin. she has been through vaginal bleeding thrice.. I wanted to ask that is it normal? or ...

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