Vaginal Discharge

Ive seen something black and moving in my vagina im worried i have some kind of parasite

My the outside of my vagina area has been feeling uncomfortable. The doctor I went to have me three pills to take for a bacterial infection and they have not worked. I don't have any sores. What co...

I've noticed some blood in my vaginal discharge in between my period. It is not heavy and I don't feel any other side affects (no burning or pain). I have an appointment with a doctor but he couldn...

During sex thursday i bleed out in bed n today walking up steps i bled out gushing red blood what is this its not my period

My 19 yr old daughter has had vaginal discharge, itching and general discomfort for a few weeks. She used Vagisil as directed and it didn't help. She went to the doctor and the doctor said it is ...

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