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Today I got carsick on the way to and from a place an hour away from my home. In the past I have felt sick in a car if I have an empty stomach and eating something makes me feel better, but I had n...


I am 23 years old female. Have been having issues with vertigo for aboout 8 months. This is not constant by any means but does come out of no where most of the time when moving head quickly to left...


So a couple weeks ago I was working out at the gym and my left ear popped and I got extremely dizzy. Since then I always feel light headed except when I wake up or if i lay down for awhile otherwi...


HI, I have accidently closed off the following topic and would like to know to which email address I can send my report to? Please provide exact email address so that Hi, I’m a 2...


Should i seek medical attention for dizziness, nausea, feeling outside myself and itchy skin?

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