Viral Gastroenteritis

I just performed a MRCP and the result turned out that everything is fine. I found in said this (my doctor is on vacation and I am so worried that I want the answer now): &...

I got norovirus last May 7th, and though the vomiting and diarrhea ended after the first day, it's been almost 3 weeks later and I still have a headache and stomachache that just doesn't seem to le...

What could it be when an 83 year old woman with a hiatal hernia and a hole in her stomach starts vomitting with discomfort in chest region?

My stomach has been hurting very badly for about 5 days now. They've been very sharp pains, below and to the right of my belly button, and they last for quite a few minutes. I have not been gassy, ...

I'm having pain under the chin from this morning, shortness of breath randomly and a naturopath said that I have virus in my body. What should I do now?

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