Hi my wife noticed a skin like bump outside her anus by the vaginal area was wondering what it may be

Hello sir, I have seen some unusual growths along the lining of my throat. I am afraid it could be warts caused by hpv. I have a picture of it and wanted to confirm if I am right

Is there a home remedy I can try to get rid of a wart inside my nose. I have had it for several years and my dermatologist has frozen it several times with no success and several hundred dollars l...

Hi i have been having redness and swelling of my urethra, and also the skin underneath the head of my penis has become real mushy looking or scrunched up looking. Another thing i have noticed are s...

I have noticed some warts on my genitals, i once had one when i was 22 years old, and was removed by the doctor in my country of origin. a couple of years later warts came back and they were more...

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