Wisdom Teeth

I have what appears to be a clear/reddish blister near the back of my throat and am wondering what it is (a cold sore?) I can attach a picture if possible.

For the past 2 years, I have had a swollen testicle (left). I thought it was some sort of infection and would go away. It hasn't. Lately I have had extreme pain in my teeth. It feels like my te...

Dear Sir / Madam, I am male 32years. I went to strip club last night and I kissed a girl open month for 10 minutes and after 2 minutes I washed my month with water. Her teeth looked clean and l...

I have had two breast augmentations, my wisdom teeth out, tonsils out at 24. Other than that no other hospitalization or surgery. I am very rarely sick. I do suffer from bipolar 2 disorder and a...

I'm having my wisdom teeth out in 13 hours. I have a bit of sinus drainage and a sore throat. No fever. Am I ok to proceed with oral surgery?

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