Women's Health

I am a 27 year old female with no past medical problems. 1 previous pregnancy with no complications. I don't take any medications and had an IUD removed in December. I don't have the best diet but ...

There is an odour that I have that I can't detect myself, but others can. I'm not too sure of what the smell is like, but I've heard someone say I smell like rotten banana or sewage. Sometimes I fe...

Would like to show my pathology reports, and based on that would like to seek advice

I have recently noticed solid "chunks" in my semen. They appear to be clear and rubbery pieces similar to gummy worms. I do not have any other symptoms such as pain or discomfort. Is ther...

Hi my Aunt has a preventive medication. She is visiting from Cameroon. Would you feel the prescription for the same medication ?

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