Can you please tell me what is in my x ray, I have on going pain in left upper mid back feels like it is behind my heart pain. could this area be causing it

Hi. I took photos of my chest x-ray. Please tell me that there x ray are normal or not. Tell me is there any chance of bronchitis, tumor, pneumonia or others. (My Blood CP and ESR are normal) The l...

Hi. I am sending my chest x-ray. Please look it carefully and tell me if there is anything wrong. Like pneumonia, bronchitis, tumor, or anything else. I will wait for your reply.

I was diagnosed via chest X-ray with pneumonia 2 weeks ago. I was given levaquin, which I finished over a week ago. I'm still coughing, breaking out in a hive-like rash once a day and asof today, ...

Should I have an X-ray at the dentist? 4 yrs ago I had a massive heart attack 3 yrs ago a pulmonary embolism so consequently I have had many X-rays for this and breast screening etc . My concern is...

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