Torn Pectoral Muscle two years ago

Patient: Hello, I have a question regarding a torn lower pec muscle and any possible options. I had the injury for two years now after tearing it in a football game. I went to the orthopedic 1 month after the injury, had mri taken, but the doctor didn’t suspect a torn pec. I went back over a year later after my condition did not get better since I thought it was mere tendinitis as the doctor suggested. When I went back, he told me that my pec was torn and that the original mri had stated it but he missed it. I have been to 4 other orthopedics who claim that successful surgery may not be possible since its been close to 2 years. They stated the tendon may not be there for reattachment. Anyone please tell me what options I have? I read somewhere were I can get a tendon from some sort of donor. Is this possible? Please advise as my daily activities are severely limited thank you

Doctor: I do not think that at this point, after two years from the injury the re attachment surgery would be successful becau use of the shortening of the tendon ends. I t is possible attempt a graft but for to do this you should seek a very specialized orthopedic surgeon with the necessary experience in this kind of cases. In the meantime I recommend you to follow a PT program aimed to strengthen and stretch the muscles of your shoulder and torso so you can reach a good level of independence that allow you to perform your daily living activities.