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Torn toenail with crack and injured nail bed at the crack!

Patient: HELP! I kept my toenails too long and now its torn and bled.?It torn from the upper top side and did not full tear off. there’s a split and crack running from how it tore and did not go toward the other side of my toenail.It’s torn at the upper pink part of the nail (bottom of the white part of nail)I think it tore a bit of my nail bed! T_TWhat do I do!? How do I treat it?I’ll draw a picture of how it looksHelp I think I tore part of nail bed apart as shown in picture.will it reconnect the top pink nail bed with the bottom?How do I treat it so that it will grow normal?Also I was thinking of soaking my big toe (it’s on the big toe) in part water and part vinegar. Or is that bad if I have blood?Or should it be safe to soak it in epsom salt and water?when I have an open wound at that cracked part?Do I wash it right away with soap while the blood is not dry yet or do I wait until the blood has dried to wash with soap?If I soak do I soak when the blood has dried?It still hurts. I really think the tissue connect to the nail underneath is torn at that crack! I’m freaking outHERE IS PICTURE:



Symptoms: Blood and crack running through from where toenail tore as in picture.
There is blood and I think the tissue beneath the toenail that is attached tore at the crack too… It hurts and don’t know how to treat it at all
to make it heal so that it will go back to being normal when healed with no disconnected nail bed underneath



Torn toenail with crack and...-1

Doctor: Than you for your question. First off, the excess length of nail will need to be carefully clipped away in order for the torn and bleeding portion of your nail bed to be cleaned and assessed for signs of infected. It will likely need to be dressed and treated with some topical antibiotics to facilitate healing. Once the damaged nail bed is healed, your nail should grow back normally. Although this may seem like a rather simple task, which one can do on their own, we would like to encourage you to have it treated by a doctor or nurse to ensure best results.Thank you for consulting


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