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Touched used condom with fingers

Patient: Is peeled skin considered an open wound? I was looking through my teenage brother’s jacket pockets and stumbled upon an opened condom. I touched the condom because it was sticking out of the packet. I don’t know if it was used or not, but I don’t want to take chances. The thing is that on my fingers, there are spots that are missing the top layer of my skin because I have a habit of biting/peeling off the top layer of the skin on my nails when I get nervous. Is peeled skin touching a potentially used condom a risk?



Symptoms: Peeled skin on fingers



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and concerns.The points under consideration are as fol lows:- Whether the skin at your fingers is breached or not.- Whether the condom is used or not.- If at all used, whether it contains semen that came in contact with your fingers or not and- Suppose all the above factors are positive and potential, whether the semen is infected or not – it is a opened up condom of your teenage brother.If you have not chewed/bitten the finger for more than 24 – 72 hours, the peeled skin is usually healed, it really heals very fast. You can put spirit if you have or anything like nail polish remover on your fingers, if there is a burning sensation, it means you have open wounds. If it does not burn, it may not be an open wound and you can stop worrying.Secondly, you are not certain whether it is used or not although it was open. even if it is used one, the chances of semen in contact with the surface are meager. The dried semen does not contain live viruses, they are killed within 10 minutes of drying up.Thirdly, the chances of your finger touching the semen are meager as discussed.Fourthly, even by chance you have touched the semen, you can get infected only if the semen contained viruses. Again a rare chance.Lastly, the chance of someone putting in the opened and used condom in the pocket of a jacket is very very rare as there will be fear of soiling of the jacket ( no one would this).Hence I think it is not worth worrying.If you had touched the semen, it is very slimy and sticky and you would have felt it in the first place.I hope this answers all your queries in the mind and now you can think about whether there is a chance or not; think very systematically and if all the factors are negative, stop worrying.

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Patient: Thank you for the feedback. I will try to check to see if the condom was used or not. I’m simply nervous because bodily fluids are something that you don’t necessarily want to take chances with, regardless of whether they’re family members or not. I have attached a picture of my finger so that you can see what I’m referring to. I forgot to mention that when I did touch the condom, I rubbed my fingers together afterward and felt a very slight, thin film of what was probably lubricant from the condom. If I can, I’ll try to check the condom again while wearing gloves, of course.

Doctor: Yes, this is the best idea to be sure about it and let us hope that it is the lubricant only.
Please let me know the feedback.
The photo shows a healed wound bu do the spirit test.

Patient: I managed to check the condom earlier today. I have attached a picture, and it looks like it is unused. In your honest opinion, should I worry about any potential diseases? I’ve been quite paranoid about the experience and have considered STD testing. If I choose to do so, how soon may I be able to be tested for the most accurate results?

Patient: I did the spirit test with a lime. I did feel a stinging sensation on my ring finger, but I don’t think the condom ever touched that finger. What is your insight?

Doctor: Hi.
Thanks for your query.
This is unused condom and hence nothing more to be done.
All STD have different different window periods.


Patient: The cut on the ring finger was on the side closest to my nail and not on the padded area where my finger prints are located, just fyi. When I pick things up, my ring and pinkie fingers are usually tucked inward toward my palm.

Doctor: This will help you to understand better. Relax at the moment, nothing to worry about

Patient: Thanks for the link. In your professional opinion, would you recommend I, as a patient, get tested for STDs over this?

Doctor: Not needed…………….. as already said. please read the above comments


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