Toxoplasmomsis pregnancy

Patient: Dear ,I have 32 years and 2nd pregnancy.I am currently 18th week . At 12 weeks I did toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus. Based on the results Positive IGG and negative IGM, In the health center, my gynecologist said it was good because, now I have an immunity to them.When I was a few days ago went to a private clinic at 4 d ultrasound, (everything is fine with baby), after review I shown test results for 2nd gynecologist- Toxo and citomegalo- that he told me to do avidity in toxoplasmosis because they do not know since the infection, and that has not occurred in the first three months of pregnancy. When I went to the lab in which he sent me said they do not work avidity and when they see the result where the Toxo IgG 2.6 and > 1.1 Posa Toxo IGM

Symptoms: no symptoms