Transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C Through Toilet Seat

Patient: Hello, I know that in general it is said that you cannot get HIV or Hepatitis C from toilet seat. I sat on a toilet seat and had a pimple on my backside, not oozing or bleeding. When I stood up I noticed a small drop of blood on the seat. The drop seemed to be dry. Can I rest assured that I was not infected even though I had a pimple? I have HAV and HBV vaccination and only worried about HIV and Hepatitis C. I have OCD and I am afraid of blood so I would really appreciate an answer.

Doctor: The chances of you acquiring Hepatitis C and HIV this way is very minimal. Both viruses need a host, the cells of the ho st, to reproduce themselves, maybe they can live for a very short period of time outside while the secretions interchange takes place between the infected person and the one that is being infected. The virus does not spread through casual contact such as preparing food, sharing towels and bedding, or via swimming pools, telephones, or toilet seats. Since you’ve mentioned that the blood was dried, transmission is unlikely. I ope this helps, take care.