Transmission of Yeast infection

Patient: I recently had intercourse with a female i just met, had protected and unprotected sex, only one night. A week passes and gives me a call saying she has yeast infection. I am worried for her and as well as my self. What should i do? i don’t feel known of the symptoms i have read online, only once and a while an itch in the testicle area.

Doctor: Though it is possible for you to get a yeast infection if you`ve had unprotected sex, the chances are very slim. Sexual transmission of yeast infections is uncommon. Symptoms of male yeast infection includes rash, along with burning and itching of the tip of the penis. Since you do not have these symptoms, you most probably do not have the infection. Treatment for male yeast infection is with over-the-counter antifungal treatment, such as Monistat, applying it to the skin directly twice a day for a week.

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Guest: Dear Doctor, it is all quite confusing. I have recurrent yeast infections which I have stopped treating with medicine for the past two years as it was not working. This has led to my body eradicating them. However I recently had unprotected sex followed by a yeast infection with this guy I had had sex with some 8 months ago while I had an active infection. Is it possible that I gave it to him back then and that he has been carrying it since then (we haven’t met during that time) and he gave it back to me now? He said he didn’t have any symptoms or problems.