Travelling during pregnancy

Patient: I have my brother in laws wedding in Punta Cana in March. At the time I will be 23 weeks pregnant. Currently I have no complications and the pregnancy is going smoothly. I have purchased full insurance in the case that I would have to cancel the trip. The insurance also covers full medical while I am down there. I will opt out if something were to occur between now and then. I would love your feedback and thoughts on my decision. I have talked to many women whom have travelled during this stage of their pregnancy and said it was the best time to travel. Thank you so much for you time!

Symptoms: Current: none

Doctor: Hello,Yes , you can plan your travel after 20 weeks of gestation till even 33 weeks of gestation as the pregnancy is well established by now and any chances of abortions are negated. If you are not a case of placenta previa , then you can travel safely , and only thing which you need to be concerned about is sudden jerks or accidental lifting of heavy objects. Walk slowly and avoid falls as your centre of gravity would tend to make you fall ahead as it shifts with growth of the foetus. so with these simple precautions you can plan your visit safely.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you safe pregnancy,regards