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Although there are several reasons that why a person gets a sore throat, such as the flu or a cold, however, post nasal drip is considered to be one of the major reasons. This condition is accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing. In a few cases, it is also linked to strep throat, when the infection makes your throat glands hurt severely.

Cold symptoms that cause sore throats include more than 200 viruses! Each of these symptoms can bring a runny nose, sneezing and a scratchy throat that can be the first signs of a cold. However, we also get a sore throat in warm weather because the viral landscape starts to shift in this type of weather. Sore throats in warm seasons are mainly caused because of enteroviruses, which can infect the tissues in your digestive system, eyes, throat and nose.

Causes of Sore Throats

Generally, a sore throat is caused by viral infections. The most frequent viral conditions that are the major causes of a sore throat are mononucleosis, flu and cold. There are many less common viral conditions that also cause a sore throat, such as croup, measles and chicken pox. Measles not only cause a sore throat, but also a runny nose, fever and cough.

Treatment of Sore Throat

• Take fluids that do not contain caffeine because this helps in preventing dehydration. Soups and broths are good for a sore throat, as well as drinking plenty of water.

• Gargle with a mixture of warm water and salt. This soothes the painful areas of the throat.

• Use a house humidifier for your bedroom to soothe the pain of your sore throat while you sleep.

• Prepare a drink of lemon and honey. This type of drink uses hot water mixed with lemon and honey, which helps to clear mucus buildup and coat your throat.

• Purchase throat lozenges. The purpose of them is to keep your mouth and throat moist and also cleanse the throat area.

Sore Throat Treatment in Children

When you identify the first sign of a sore throat, you can wait a day or two before visiting a doctor. Try to notice that in which direction your illness and throat pain is going. It is better first to try some home effective remedies. For instance, pain reliever, such as, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen can help significantly, throat gargling, throat lozenges and some herbal teas with lemon or honey may also help with a sore throat.

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