Treating acne in adults

Patient: I have been to my Doctor about 5weeks ago with a bad outbreak of spots that I couldnt clear. She gave me some ‘erythromycin zinc’ ointment for the infection I think, and some ‘adapalene’ for the inflammation. They said it could take up to 6 weeks but I havent seen any improvement at all and it’s been about 5weeks. My question is first, could it be hormone based problem as I am due to get my contraceptive coil changed, but have an appointment in Dec for this… And would bathing it in a salt water solution help it or make it worse? Sometimes it gets very sore and red and I find this soothes it. Am I being too impatient!? Thanks

Symptoms: Sore, and sometimes angry spots, in clusters on my chin and forehead. They aren’t very big. They do dry out and go, but come up again close by.