Treatment advice for anemia

Patient: Going to try to be clear as can. this maybe long winded and to talk to a doctor in person is impossible due to the poor nature of the US Healthcare system. but i need something. I can’t get help, I cant work so i can’t pay, assistance programs tell me no, and there no free clinics in my area.Last time I was covered was when i was young. been without trying to get help for the last 7 years.1st problem, when i was younger showed a low hemoglobin count that later a hematologist seem to think it was bad enough to warrant two IV bags of iron all same and first day of looking at me. This did made me feel better when at the time i was pale and tired allot. Shortly after I was kicked from my coverage when i reached the age of 20. So no more effort could be done on this. and over the past 7 years i’ve only gotten worse. i get ill very quickly and feel like i can’t breath even sometimes on the simplest task, and i find also i start having trouble thinking and lose focus on what i maybe thinking about or doing. the worse of these attacks have me on the floor unable to move gasping for air like i just ran track and was only on my feet for maybe 30 minutes or an hour. they scare me.2nd problem, around the time of problem 1 i was having xrays done which showed my backbone falling from my tailbone which pinches a nerve i think, because on even the slightest bends and turns sometime trigger a sudden shot of pain from the area and will either go down my legs or up my arm (mostly the left). Was told nothing could be done till my 20s which nothing could be done on that front.3rd problem, due to the above i fear if i be able to handle holding a job, because either i’d be in too much pain, cant breath, or focus. This has gave me a lot of anxiety, and extreme fear being able to support myself without my family. old medical records, and the impossible task of trying to get help. I do not know if proper treatment could allow me to work or if i there no other option but SSI. I know from here cant say anything on that.But on advice that may help my body absorb iron better, already on iron rich diet, and iron supplements. Its become more of a problem then my back pain while yes its no help, but i doubt nothing can be done about it then taking pain pills till i some how get health coverage finally. I feel tired all time, always feel stressed, always have headaches which I do not know if its related to stress, allergies, anemia, or a bit of everything. While i dun know if its related to anemia, but for the last couple years i have had a worsening cough that never goes away ontop of everything.I am at a loss of what to do and feel the US Healthcare system has failed me . What should i do to try to treat my self so i can work?

Symptoms: Coughing, breathing, headaches, back pain, high stress

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query.I read all your matter carefully.I understand your situation and concern about yo ur health.You have explained your symptoms but it could have helped me more if you would have posted the hemoglobin levels and report of blood picture under the microscope.It appears that you are having Anemia of refractory type.Pale skin, Weakness, lack of concentration and falling ill frequently are presenting symptoms of anemia.There are many types of anemia and different causes of anemia.It can be nutritional, haemolytic and due to abnormal cell productions.The diagnosis is done by doing blood tests.You are also presenting with symptoms of severe depression in the form of panic attacks and lack of confidence.You are having back pain of constant nature due to PID.First thing you can do is to build confidence. Yoga and meditation under guidance will definitely help you.Eating fruits and raw vegetables rich in iron and vitamins will help you.Please take iron supplements empty stomach for better absorption.Get yourself examined by doctor particularly hematologist, who may take your proper history, examine, do the necessary investigations and advise you a proper treatment.You may require a consultation from psychiatrist and orthopedic.Finally I would like to inform you that anemia is very much preventable cause of illness. Your condition may well be cured and you shall lead a normal and healthy life with help of medical experts.