Treatment for Chicken Pox scars

Patient: This is anish . 20years old . i was sufferad from chicken pox … now i am alright but my face full chicken pox marks .. pls give some medical advice foer this

Doctor: Chickenpox marks especially on the face can be disconcerting and makes you want to hide. The most effective way to preve nt it is to try not scratching it. However, if all of it has healed, the marks can stay for a long while, probably months. There are home remedies that can minimize scars: applying honey or freshly squeezed lemon juice daily on affected areas. Vitamin supplements with Vitamin E is also helpful as it is an antioxidant and helps in wound (scar) healing. If these don`t help and the marks still bother you, try seeing a dermatologist and have more information on other options (e.g. Laser). I hope this helps.