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Treatment not working

Patient: I had chest pain on my left side and lack of breath they thoguht I had pleural inflamation and now they say i have ostocondritis, 1 week and i still have a lot of pain with lack of air, i have beem taking antiflamtory medicines and pain killers , but i dont get better please help



Symptoms: Chest pain left side, back pain , lack of air , very hard pain in the chest upper part and in the middle



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and concerns.oI hope, EKG done and cardiac problem has been ruled out.The pain of pleurisy comes on every time you breath in and spread over an area over one side of chest, the Doctor hears classical pleural rub.In costochondritis – the pain is localized to a particular point/s, is just below the skin, you can have typical pain on touch to that particular point.I hope the following investigations have been done:Tests of blood to see for WBC for infection, sugar for diabetes.X-ray of the chest to see for pleural thickening, pneumonia and any such problems.Continue with your present treatment of anti-inflammatory and painkillers.Additional treatment will be as per clinical evaluation by your Doctor and reports.I hope this answer helps you.Feel free to discuss furtherRegards.

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Patient: Thanks.
Doctor did not see any pleural thickening so he ruled that out yesterday, thats when he me told it was costochondrits, it hurts when i breath and all day, when I get up of bed and chairs.
We need to check out the sugar he didnt do that. how long does it take to feel better? or to stop the pain? does it comes from exercise? also leucociytes level is a little high 10,500.please advice

Doctor: Hi.
Thanks for your feedback.
I hope you are talking about X-ray of the chest has been done and the Doctor has not seen any pleural thickening or pneumonia.
WBC is just on higher side and if you do not have fever or if the X-ray of the chest and clinical examination is normal, there is no worry about any infection.
If all other things are normal, please discuss about oral steroid treatment of a few days and you will be fine.
Stress and anxiety are one of the most important reasons of costochondritis and must be kept under control.
Local rubrafascient liniments (which makes the area warm and helps to alleviate the pain) is to be applied.
Sometimes, strapping of the chest wall with leucoplast (adhesive tape) when you have exhaled all the air helps to keep a control of pain.
I hope you have to discuss all these points with your Doctor and get treated accordingly to get a relief which may take a few more days.
I hope this answer helps you.

Patient: Thanks a lot this really helps, i will do that. Because a I been in pain for more than a week now. And I will find the tape thing with especialist. thanks a lot

Doctor: You are most welcome, wishing you a good and complete recovery.


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