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Treatment of Bunions

Dear Ask The Doctor:
My 12yr old has had bunions from birth. They have gotten worse and I need advice. We went to a ortho dr and he said 10 weeks of recovery 6 of which she would be non weight bearing. I feel for her age this is extreme. I know there are tons of bunion surgeries out there and there has to be one that is good where she can at least be in a boot for 8 weeks or so and not off her feet for 6 weeks. she is 12 and for her that is like giving up life for 6 weeks. please help me I love my daughter and I just do not know what to do. Maybe we just need to see a foot dr that that is all they do.


You are certainly entitled to get a second opinion and you may seek one from either another orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist (foot doctor). However, it is unlikely that you will get a much different assessment and recommended treatment. Your daughter will have to stay off her feet for six weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing.

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