Treatment of Genital Herpes During Breastfeeding

Patient: Dear Doctor, For treating Genital Herpes I have taken Acyclovir400 mg B.I.D. I have 4 month old kid, my wife is in Lactating period. Is it advisable to take Acyclovir for my Wife?

Doctor: Acyclovir is known to pass through breast milk and thus should be avoided in a lactating mother. However if your wife is symptomatic and has developed lesion, she may be required to take acyclovir. An alternative could be Valtrex (valaciclovir) which is considered safe during breastfeeding. Herpes infections are contagious and can infect even while you are on treatment. It is important for you to avoid sexual contact during treatment of herpes. Also taking certain precautions like frequent washing f hands and touch of infected parts will help avoid transmission of the infection.