Treatment of Pilonidal Cysts

Patient: Dear Doctor,I am an Asian male of 23, weighing 85 kgs.I have been having this problem of pilonidal sinus since 2008, when i had this painful pus filled swelling, and which was diagnosed as a pilo nidal sinus. In 2008, i went through the operation. The surgeon just cut in my upper buttock, and then packed the wound. The wound was then dressed in the same way again and again for 5 to 6 months. Then the wound partially healed, but it began bleeding again along the pus secretions. The doc said that it was infected again and just asked me to bathe the wound in solution of “pyodine”, it helped, and the wound healed about 95 percent only a small part of it remained open, as small as a small dot. Sometimes due to stretching the wound would tear a bit and bleed but with no pus.Just 2 weeks, ago the wound was open again and started bleeding but with pus , this time. just 2 days ago i had the surgery again and this time, the surgeon removed a piece of flesh from my butt and then stitched the wound.My question is, what are my chances of 100 % recovery? what steps should i take to prevent any infections, because the wound is near my anus.hoping to hear from youA pilonidal sinus patient.

Doctor: Pilonidal sinuses are often difficult to treat as the recurrence rate is very high. The procedure that you have undergon e is usually effective at treating the problem however it may still recur or develop into a chronic ulcer. To prevent re-infection you should make sure the area is adequately washed, kept dry and shave the hair.