Treatment of twisted knee injury

Patient: About four days ago I fell and twisted my knee. It has been swolen since then prety bad. It hurts when I bend it or if I jump or put too much weight on it. And when I sit down for more than five minutes it tightens up so when I try to walk I bearly can. I walk with a limp nowe and when I bend it, it makes a crackling noise. I have been putting ice on it and taking ib prophen but nothing has really changed. Should I see a docter or will it just heel over time?

Doctor: You seem to have injured some ligament of the knee joint, which is best managed by rest, ice application, firm elastic b andage for support and elevation of the limb above the heart level (may place a few pillows under the leg) to reduce the swelling. Although it may take atleast a few weeks for the healing to occur, it would be best to consult a doctor for further investigation in to the extent of injury and additional treatment to avoid any complications and improper healing.