Trial of diet and lifestyle modification for a 3 month period, prior to commencing cholesterol-lowering medication

Patient: I am a female and 52 years old. I’m living in Mexico and recently had blood work done to check my Cholesterol & Triglicerides. My Cholesterol finding is at 215.o mg/dl and my Triglicerides is 90/0 mg/dl. My weight is 124 lb. I don’t eat fatty foods. Should I be concerned or is just a diet change necessary.

Doctor: According to the American Heart Association the desirable Total cholesterol level is <200 mg/dL. Your total cholester ol level is 215mg/dL, 200–239 mg/dL: Borderline-High Risk category. Cholesterol is made of HDL cholesterol (good) and LDL cholesterol (bad). Triglyceride is another form of fat. If your level is <150 mg/dL it is normal, and in your case it is 90mg/dL which is well below normal. This is not the complete fasting lipid profile, because normally cholesterol is made up of a HDL and LDL level. You can help to lower cholesterol levels further by eating a heart-healthy diet, avoiding smoking and getting regular physical exercise. I would advise trial of lifestyle modifications for a three month period, then a repeat fasting lipid profile. If cholesterol is still elevated at this stage, cholesterol-lowering medication may be commenced.