Trouble waking up

Patient: Hi doctorI’m a third year medical student and i have extreme difficulty waking up in the mornings to continue studying for tests (especially if it’s not at the normal time i get up for class). I struggle to concentrate late at night and so I prefer to go to bed when I get tired whilst studying and to get up again at the early morning hours to continue studying. This was never a problem but in the last year I can’t even remember when I got up to continue studying. I’ve tried everything, multiple alarm clocks, wake up calls from family and friends, putting my alarm far away from my bed, locking my cellphone in the cupboard and hiding the key in the kitchen. None of my attempts has been successful. I know as a medical student we do not get enough sleep and our normal circadian rhythm is completely out of routine (with the late night studying, getting up for morning rounds etc) but none of my friends that study with me has problem waking up when their alarms go off. I do try to get enough sleep whenever I can but the workload doesn’t always allow it and if i oversleep i do not finish studying which has had its effect on my marks. Is there any advice or any abnormality I should be concerned about. Should I seek medical help? It really feels if I have no control once I fall asleep and if I don’t do something about it soon, I might fail my academic year. Please help!!Kind regardsWerner