Trouble with breathing

Patient: I started having some difficult with breathing, for example, i am sitting then i get up and go to the kitchen, just this makes me breathless, today i walked at normal pace to a store not far from home, while i was walking the breathless started, then after some time my ears started clogging and it feel like something was compressing my chest, it all stoped when i sat down. Now everytime i make a fast moviment, my heart pounds and i start coughing , but when i am quiet i don’t feel nothing.Could i be starting to become asthmatic, even if i am already 18?

Symptoms: Breathlessness , coughing, ear clogging and heart pounding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are many causes for the breathlessness and the collective symptoms that you have de scribed.The common ones being asthma, thyroid dysfunction, heart conditions, anemia, vitamin B deficiencies, obesity, etc.You may consult a physician for a general examination. The doctor will need to specifically look for the heart sounds and murmurs as well as auscultate the chest for any wheeze as in the case of asthma. If you have a family history of asthma, it is the most likely cause. More often in young people, anemia is a more commoner cause for breathlessness and heart pounding called palpitations due to iron and nutrition deficits. Hence your hemoglobin and complete blood counts need to be checked, thyroid levels also will be checked .We must also rule out any heart issues like heart blocks, congenital heart disease, which also cause similar symptoms.ECG and an echo of the heart may be needed.Based on all the investigations and examination, the treatment may be started.If it is asthma, you may need to do some lifestyle modifications, deep breathing exercises and use of inhalers and prevention from allergens must be practiced. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Till you see a doctor, do not exert yourself.Hope this helpedRegards