Troublesome flu symptoms

Patient: Hi,I’m a twentyfive year old male with difficult to manage symptoms everytime I have a flu. I remember the first episode occurring approximately when I was seven years old. Between two to eight times every year, I fall sick always following the same course. It starts off with a globus sensation on one side of my upper throat, just behind my tongue. This causes excessive mucous in my nose and swallowing this mucous leads to severe nausea and vomiting, up to one vomiting episode every fifteen minutes. Even on an empty stomach, I throw up mucous, acid or just saliva and during this I am practically unable to take down any food, water or even medication. On several occasions I have been put on iv’s. This terrible stage lasts for about twentyfour to thirtysix hours, after which it often resolves itself despite the differing or no medications that have been tried so far. Other symptoms such as runny nose, eyes, throat etc. clear up very quickly after this, except a severe headache that lasts for between one to four weeks right on my eyebrows.I’d like to stress that this vomiting episode happens everytime I have a flu, and can start completely without any prior indications.