Trying to conceive 5 years 1 ectopic

Patient: My gyno did some blood work and said i have cos. He put me on serophene for 3 months. the third month i got pregnant but it was ectopic. I had to wait three cycles and he started me back on it. three months nothing. i had a hsg done but he couldn’t get the cath in. So three more months on serophene and nothing. Just wondering if i should be looking for another doctor as my husband and i have been trying for 5 years now. I am scheduled to have a laparoscopy done in a month.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for writing to ATD.It is not advisable to be taking fertility medicine clomiphene empirically without fo llicular monitoring or any other control in back to back cycles. Clomiphene citrate is an ovulation inducing medicine, but it also has an adverse effect on the lining of the womb, thinning it after awhile. The thinning effect is exaggerated when the drug accumulates in the body because of consecutive drug cycles. Generally fertility specialists would advise taking a month’s break after a cycle of Clomiphene.Tubal patency testing by HSG or by laparoscopy is definitely advisable in your case, especially after the ectopic pregnancy. If your tubes are patent, then you may even consider the option of taking gonadotropin injections instead of the tablet clomiphene for ovulation induction. Speak to a fertility specialist in detail about your case and get the line of treatment properly charted out.Hope this helps.All the best.