Trying to conceive after stopping OCPs.

Patient: Im 26 years old an im trying to have a baby ,at one point my docter had put me on bith control bbecause of my period an ithey had taken me off after 6months to see if my period would come on its own an it did but time to time its very lite an a friend of mian told me to try geritol but i wanted to know if it could help me get pregncy?

Doctor: After the use of a birth control pill, it usually takes 6-8 months for the periods to become regular. In the meanwhile y ou can try out these advice to increase your chances of pregnancy :1. A good and healthy balanced diet with lots of exercise.2. Identify the period when you ovulate. For example in a 28 day cycle, the ovulation usually takes place on the 14th day, therefor any sexual activity 3 days before and after the ovulation would significantly increase your chances of conceiving. Also you may use an ovulation kit predictor.Geritol is a multivitamin and there has been no study that it increases the chances of pregnancy. I hope this information helps you, take care.