Trying to conceive for a second pregnancy

Patient: When I was pregnant with my son I had all the obvious signs and I just my husband and I are trying to conceive again. When I was pregnant before I had a strong aversion to the smell of cigarettes which helped me quit. I began smoking again after had him. Now I’m crampy bloated/heavy feeling nauseous headaches heartburn backaches and have an aversion to the smell again causing me to quit. Also I had a mini period about a week after my last period…am I pregnant or just wishful thinking?

Symptoms: Bloated heavy stomach nausea headaches backaches bleeding gums aversion to same smell as first pregnancy heart burn crampy

Doctor: Aversion to certain smells or tastes known as pica is known to recur in subsequent pregnancies. If you are having pregna ncy like symptoms and have also had a lighter than usual period, chances are that you could be pregnant.The best way to know if you are pregnant or not is to do a home pregnancy test. Just follow the instructions on the pack and you will be able to solve the mystery yourself. If you are unable to get a home pregnancy test, go to a local doctor or clinic and get yourself tested. Wish you all the very best. Hope your wish of getting pregnant comes true.