Trying to conceive over a year and no luck

Patient: My fiancé and I have decided to try for a second child. Our first child was an unplanned pregnancy, we weren’t trying but we weren’t NOT trying either and it happened very quickly. This time around we aren’t so lucky. We have been trying for just over a year now and we’ve had no luck. My periods this year have also been very irregular at one point I skipped 3 months of periods. When I get one it either lasts 1 day or as many as 12 days long. I am 21 and also overweight but I was overweight when we had our first also. Other than irregular periods I am healthy, I do not smoke and only drink on a special occasion. My question is what is the next step? Will I have to make an appointment with a fertility specialist? Is there anything that may be wrong with me?

Symptoms: irregular periods