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Trying to conceive please help

Patient: I have been trying to get pregnant for five years. I spotted five days after period for day and half. But I think I ovulated yesterday bc of white discharge. Is there still chance for early pregnancy? I have early symptoms I’ve never experienced before . If not what can I eat and he eat to increase chance? Hoping to be pregnant Kristie-




Symptoms: Nausea without vomiting. Super picky eating like not liking stuff I use to love to eat and loving food I use to hate to eat.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you spotted for a day and half after your menses then it indicates i t was a part of your periods itself and shouldn’t be taken as any implantation bleed in any ways. Ovulation occurs in the midcycle usually and as you said accompanied with a homogenous vaginal discharge and mild cramps in midcycle. So, if ovulation has occurred now, then even if you were sexually active in the safe period, the chances of pregnancy are minimal.You may try for pregnancy by having unprotected intercourse during your fertile period .i.e between day 12 to day 22 of the cycle, the best time to conceive. The symptoms you are experiencing are unlikely to be due to pregnancy and mostly due to progesterone effect during the midcycle when the levels start rising.If you happen to miss your periods this cycle then you may perform a urine pregnancy test on the 7th day post missed period to confirm or rule out the pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards


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