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Trying to figure out my sleping problems my sleeping sche

Patient: Trying to figure out my sleping problems….my sleeping schedule is 5-7am to 2-4 pm i go to bed at 5-7am and wake up at 2-4 pm.i wake up exhausted every single day of my life. there is never a day i wake up not being tired and lack of energy is 2 different things for me if i needed to go on a long 3 mile run i could. but im still tired during the day always.i always have to take a 2 hour nap during the day.i can fall asleep during the day at anytime multiple times within minutes.but if i try to go to bed at night i sit there for hours not able to fall asleep.i dont really snore, maybe occasionally.blood pressure is 127 / 80i jog 2-3 times a week for 2-3 miles.often i wake up 2 times a night before i actually wake.symptoms..cant sleep at night , wake up multiple times a night but can go back to bed within 15 mins, exauhsted everyday im at work eve though i slept 8-10 hours , always need 2 hour naps during the day if i can get them (which i fall asleep within 5 mins unlike night time) snoring is minimal blood pressure is decent. not to stressed out very open minded.what is my issue here? insomnia sounds right but i have this everyday of my life for years. it dosent come and go. i also take mutivitamins .so whats the problem and how can i go about correcting this?



Doctor: Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.There are a few causes for your sleep to be disturbed. One of these could be insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder but it is a symptom and not a cause. Also, because of sleeping in the mornings, you may have damaged your body’s internal clock. The body clock is set by using the amount of light in the day and the darkness at night.By sleeping at wrong times of the day, you may be affecting the levels of cortisol in the body which is highest normally at 4 am. When the cortisol levels are at peak, you will not be able to sleep as the brain is awake.Also, you may be having narcolepsy which causes day-time sleepiness like you are having. Narcolepsy is diagnosed by seeing a Doctor and treated based on the diagnosis. Also, please add on if you have any other problems in eating or symptoms like fever.Being tired all the time is a symptom of both irregular cortisol levels and of Narcolepsy. My advise is that you see a Doctor and get back to us with the opinion so that I can help you understand the diagnosis and guide you to the next step.If there is no reason for you to be sleeping at 7 am in the morning (Shift work), you should try to sleep at 10 pm. One way to do this would be to skip a sleep and then sleep at 10 pm for as long as possible.I hope this helps you. All the best.



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Patient: now that you mention cortisol levels peaking at 4am. i can sleep very well from when i wake up to about 2am. anything past 2 am is almost impossible to go to sleep. but when i try to go to bed at 11pm-3am it acts as if it was a nap and ill wake up 2 hours later then be very awake for acouple more hours ..say 3 or 4.
since my life revolves around going to bed late and waking up later in the day could anything solve that issue? or is it always going to be like that because of the peaking levels.

Doctor: Thank you for the follow up.
Like I said before, you can try to skip a day of sleep. And sleep a whole day. Invite friends over. Chat through the day, do any activity that does not let you sleep.
Another reason people do not sleep is because their brain is too active. This causes them to lie awake in bed. You can fix this by reading books at night. Read books which would bore you so that they help your brain get tired enough to sleep.
You can try these for a few days to see if it works. If it does not, you may want to see a Sleep Doctor.
Wishing you the best of health.

Patient: 1 last thing… also i notice when i wake up my heart isnt beating fast but its beating harder than normal. then once im up for about 15 secs it dulls down to normal. whats that about

Doctor: Thanks for the follow up.
Does this happen when you sit up? I believe that this is a normal reaction to you sitting up causing the blood to pool to the legs and causing your heart to increase the force of contraction to get blood to the heart.
This is nothing to be unduly worried about.
Wishing you good health.


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