Trying to get pregnant

Patient: I just found out that i have a cyst on my left overy I have five kids already me and my boyfriend are trying for another is it possible to get pregnant with that cyst on my overy or what should I do?

Doctor: I understand your concern about pregnancy with an ovary cyst. There is no reason for an ovarian cyst to impede pregnancy in the majority of cases, however it will depend on the type of ovarian cyst that you have, age and possibility of changes in it.Most ovarian cysts in women of childbearing age such as you are follicular cysts (functional cysts) that disappear naturally in one to three months. Although they can rupture (usually without ill effects), they rarely cause symptoms. They are benign and have no real medical consequence. They may be diagnosed coincidentally during a pelvic examination in women who do not have any related symptoms. All women have follicular cysts at some point that generally go unnoticed.I will suggest you to consult your gynecologist about the type of cyst that you have and the therapy which depends upon the situation and varies from observation, sometimes the use of oral contraceptives when pain is an issue to surgical procedures. I wish you the best.