Trying to get pregnant after removing implanon

Patient: I had implanon for almost two years. I got it took out because my husband and I are trying to conceive. I had the implanon removed March 6, 2014 and had a five day period starting March 16, 2014. I did not take an ovulation test but assumed I would be ovulating some from time March 28, 2014-April 1, 2014. We had unprotected sex almost everyday in that time frame. I assumed I would get another period from sometime between April 14-April19. When I didn’t get my period I was very excited. The week I thought I would get my period I had white discharge instead, I was really excited because I know that the discharge is a sign. Its been a week and still no period, the discharge has stopped, and I have had 4 negative pregnancy test. What’s going on? If I’m not pregnant, then when will I get a regular period and why did I discharge. I want a baby so bad!

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Every month a couple plan or try to conceive, but conception may not occur. But they should n ot be distressed only after trying for one month. Humans are not very efficient at reproduction. We should realize the fact that only 25% of the eggs produced in the woman’s lifetime are capable of giving rise to a pregnancy. Some couple take slightly longer or a few months of try before a conception is achieved. It is quite common to have white discharge just around the time of expected period. But if this is persistent or itchy may require doctors intervention as it could be a yeast infection. Otherwise this white discharge becomes slightly brown then red ultimately leading to bleeding of the period. It is advisable to see the doctor who will do a scan to know the reason for delay in period , was it because of delayed ovulation or due to an hormonal imbalance, sometimes stress and strain, change in life style can also delay the period.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.