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Trying to get pregnant and have PCOD problem

Patient: I am 25 years old I am try to get pregnant when i took scan i came to know i m having PCOD problem and also i m having thyroid problem. Now i m taking medicine for both thyroid and PCOD.My thyroid is under control and my doctor told u can get pregnant.After i got my periods i took fertyl 100mg tablet for 5 days andi took follicular scan 14th day my right ovary follicle is 22*16mm and endometrium is 9.5mm on that day doctor gave me fertigyn 10000 injunction on that day and told to be in contact with my husband. 16th days i went for scan doctor told egg ruptured and she gave me duphaston 10 mg for 15 days. doctor told i will get periods with in 30 days or after 5days she told to check pregnancy test in home.for me now 33 days completed still i didn’t get my periods today morning i checked but its negative oly.My question is after egg released how many days it stay inside and when we get periods after egg ruptured and i m taking correct treatment oly ah nu i want to know? i m taking tablet for PCOD also glyciphage sr 500mg kindly send reply



Symptoms: tired, hip pain



Doctor: Thank you for your query.Approximately after 7 to 10 days past the expected date of menstrual cycle, the home pregnanc y test should give accurate results, whether the pregnancy is there or not. It is advisable that if your periods are regular opt for pregnancy test after 2 to 3 days later .Since you have stopped the duphaston tablets on day 30 of your cycle calculation done according to the details in your query, you may get your period if you are not pregnant in another 2-3 days as it would take ~3-5 days to get period after duphaston tablets are stopped in absence of a pregnancy .You seem to be getting too anxious .Anxiety ,stress and strain are not good when trying to conceive ,be cool, it may take few cycles before you conceive for all the hormonal parameters & endometrial mileu have to fall in place making things favorable for a conception to take place .Humans are not very efficient in reproduction only 25% of the eggs produced in a women’s life time are capable of giving to a pregnancy. Some conceive in the first cycle for some it can take two or more attempts etc.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Guest: Hi
i m trying to get pregnant ..but instead of 2 eggs i am having multiple told first will lollk for follic system and then PCOD…i am tensed..Can i get pregnant?


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