Trying to Stop My Period On My Honeymoon

Patient: I am currently on Reclepsin and am getting married in about a week. I just started on reclepsin a few weeks ago but i was wondering if i could switch weeks 3 and 4 so i can in line with my regular cycle so i am not on my period while i am on my honeymoon

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about your current oral contraceptive.You have to understand that the 4th week pills are inactive so if you switch them to the 3rd week, the fourth week and the week after might be risky for pregnancy, spotting could be present but not guaranteed that menses will be immediately. If your honeymoon was supposed to take place during your 4th week or the week after it would have the same effect as if you stopped or missed pills.Menses would be present soon after but the contraceptive effect of the pill might be decreased, so the use of backup methods might be needed such as female or male condoms.