TSH levels of 3.0 and Trying to get Pregnant

Patient: I am trying to get pregnant and have been having trouble. My doctor ran some blood work and said I have TSH level of 3.07. She would like to order more tests. What are the chances that I have a thyroid disease?  What are the chances I can get pregnant?

Doctor: TSH is an indirect test to assess how well your thyroid gland is functioning.  In the US, normal TSH lab values run from m 0.5 to 5.0.While your results fall in the normal range, some physicians test patients for evidence of a poor functioning thyroid gland for TSH levels above 3.0.  Your doctor is likely doing further thyroids tests (T4 levels and T3 levels) to determine if your thyroid is functioning at normal, borderline or low levels.If T4 or T3 levels are low, you have hypothyroidism and this could be affecting your ability to conceive. It can safely and easily be corrected with oral thyroid hormone replacement.  It is impossible to give an exact percentage as there are so many other factors involved in attempting to conceive.