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Tubal ligation Reversal

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi i had my tubes clamed so i could stop getting pregnent for all the wrong reasons. want to know if and how i should ask the doctor to reverse this.its only been bout 3 years since the opperation please i need an answer before its to late.


The success of a reversal procedure depends on you age, your health and how the initial procedure was performed.
Women under the age of 40 have higher success rates.  Women whose tubal ligation included either the removal of a small section of the fallopian tubes, or those whose tubal ligation was achieved by clips or rings placed around the tubes have higher success rates for reversal.
The overal success of the procedure can range from 25-75% depending on the above factors.
You should not be afraid or embarrassed to ask your doctor for a reversal. You are not alone.  As many as 10% of women request a reversal within 5 years of a tubal ligation.

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