Tubal litigation can I be pregnant

Patient: I had a tubal litigation almost 3 months ago and my period is almost 2 months late I have not had any spotting or cramping can I be pregnant

Symptoms: Nauseous headaches mood swings

Doctor: Hello,Thanks or contacting askthe doctor.comThe failure rate of permanent sterilisation technique for fallopian t ubal ligation in women is around 0.3 per cent. The chances of failure is attributed to faulty fallope ring application or wrong techniques used or even slippage of fallope rings from the tubes.If the fallope rings are intact , or tubectomy has been done with pomeroys or modified pomeroys or parkland’s technique , the failure rate is minimal. So , best way would be to undergo a urine pregnancy test 7 days after a missed period to rule out pregnancy confirmatively.If the result is negative then you may opt for a withdrawal bleed with progestogens after consulting with your physician.However the symptoms you are experiencing may well be that of premenstrual syndrome which mimic pregnancy early symptoms in a major way , but they subside once the menses resume.I suggest you undertake the pregnancy test and review with your physician for consideration of a withdrawal bleed for resumption of menses .I hope i have answered your queries in detail.wishing you good health,regards