Tummy Ache

Patient: Is it ok to give a 3 month old peppermint water for a tummy ache and colic. he was diagonosed with border line colic. his formula has been changed 3 times, he still cries a lot and pulls his legs in to his tummy.he sleeps 3 hours at a time.and then eats 2-4 ozs

Doctor: I had to talk to to some pediatricians about this. At that age, we do not recommend water for hydration and peppermint w ater is just to tough on a babies system.  Colic can be very frustrating for the parents. The good news is that it is usually a phase that ends by about 6 months.  for colicky babies we recommend trial of different formulas to find which one suits your baby the nest, trial of different bottles (Dr Browns bottles come highly reccomended) and lots of love and hugs.  There is some suggestion that Gripe Water can be beneficial and it is safe for young babies.Good luck