Tummy tuck or just diet

Patient: I carried twins full term 21 years ago, and delivered them naturally (baby A was 6lbs 1oz and baby B was 7lbs 11ozs), needless to say I was very large, so I have a lot of stretched skin. I have just started my own business, I am in the public eye and I don’t like the way my mid section looks. I have tried many times to lose the flab with out any luck Will continuing to exercise alone tighten up the abdominal muscles or would a tummy tuck be a better avenue?

Symptoms: Flabby tummy

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.It is always better to lose weight the natural way than to lose it b y tummy tuck surgery. Here are a few pointers on how to lose weight quickly:1. Follow a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight2. Aim to be in a deficit of 500 calories every day. This will allow for about 1 pound of weight loss per week.3. Eat unprocessed food like whole grains and fruits rather than pasta and fruit juice.4. Start an exercise program at 30 mins a day, 3 times a week.With the diet and the exercise program, aim to lose 1 kg per week. If you are not able to lose weight however, consult your Gynecologist. Do not get a tummy tuck. All the best.