Twenty years old and unable to stay awake

Patient: Hello, Im 22 years old and I am suFfering fr fatigue all the te. It started about two years ago but is getting progressively worse. Setes it is so bad I fall asleep sitting up or have to call off work and college to sleep for hours. I never feel rested and my friends tell me that it is like I “hibernate” .. . It’s getting really bad and I’m not sure what to do. I can sleep for 9 hours and wake up and fall asleep while I’m sitting in my chair eating breakfast. I always need naps or a day to sleep. Please help. I’m so scared and I am wondering if I might have something wrong with my health!

Doctor: Excessive fatigue and tiredness may be a sign of thyroid issues, anemia, depression etc. You need to see your family phy sician to rule out all these conditions through a simple complete blood count along with a thyroid hormone level. You may also need to increase your awavreness of sleep hygiene and try and sleep at the same time everyday and for the same number of hours.All the best.