Twisted knee while playing racquetball

Patient: Hello, I was playing racket ball and i twisted my left knee while trying to avoid getting hit by the ball.Then it felt better the next day, so i went running which only made the pain worse. I have pain on the inner side of my knee. It only hurts when i walk on it or put weight on it. It has been a week and it hasn’t gotten any better. What should I do? Thank You

Doctor: With the twisting you possibly injured your MCL, then I suggest that you protect your knee reducing loads by postural c corrections, activities modification and wearing adequate footgear, regarding of the brace, some doctors consider the bracing useful for reassurance and psychological effect, but the results on the efficacy of knee bracing are very variable; you could use the knee taping also, but the most important at this time for you is prevent new injuries, exercise to strengthen/stretch quads/hamstrings and avoid , by all means, rotational and abrupt movements that may injured other knee ligaments, meniscus or capsule of the knees.