Two chcolate cysts 4cm and 3cm.

Patient: I am 23 yrs female unmarried..last yr in october i had a lap removed 10cm chocolate cyst..after that dr suggested me ovral l medicine.but after that i had aneurysm and couldnt take the tablets.Now when i scanned 4 days ago i found 2 chocolate cysts with size 4cm and 3cm in my right ovary..what should i do now?? is it possible to get pregnant with chcocolate cycts




Symptoms: No symptoms at pain during periods.

Doctor: Hello,If your present scan shows a 4cm and a 3 cm ovarian chocolate cysts in the right ovary then it has to be unders tood that presence of chocolate cysts decrease the chcnaces of ovulation in that ovary and hence conception, but there are always chances that the other ovary may produce the ovum and pregnancy can be achieved.But with endometriotic cysts, there are chances that endometriotic adhesions or patches may be present in the pelvic cavity or at the fallopian tubes which may contribute to the cause of infertility. Ideally any chocolate cyst at or beyond 4cm should be removed laparoscopically and endometrial patches or deposits fulgurated laparoscopically so that the chances of conception are increased and the best time is immediate 6 months after laparoscopy.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards

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