Two days ago I was diagnosed with strep throat and

Patient: Two days ago I was diagnosed with strep throat and given antibiotics. Since yesterday, I’ve started coughing up yellow/green mucus, with no other symptoms, other than sore throat/headache from persistent coughing. Should I go back to my doctor?

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Askthedoctor.Thanks for asking your health related query.It is good that you have been put on ant ibiotics by your doctor for Streptococal infection. Antibiotics start acting within a day. As infection is being controlled, it may produce yellowish sputum. This means medicine is working.Irritation in throat is the main cause of repeated cough. Inflammation at throat may cause soreness and difficulty in swallowing. Headache is also due to infection and increased coughing.In your case all these symptoms may be well controlled with hot satine gargle twice a day and addition of an antiinflammatory medicine like Diclofenac sodium 50 mg twice a day. For suppressing cough an antiallergic medicine like Levocetrizine 5 mg may be taken once a day for 3 days. These medicines are over the counter medicines.Currently I advise you these simple measures at least for three days. If your cough and headache persists then you may consult your doctor again.I wish you a speedy recovery.All the best