Two days ago I was intimate with my girlfriend and

Patient: Two days ago I was intimate with my girlfriend and she put a fair amount of friction on the underside of my penis with her hands (no lube). After that, I put on a condom (like always) and had sex. I didn’t shower that night or the next morning because I was running late. After 8 hours of work, I went to the gym. I sweat a decent amount that day. It took me an hour and a half to get home to shower. While I was getting ready for the shower, I noticed a red rash on the underside of my penis and a little bit on my testicles. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t itch, no papules or blisters, no swelling. Just small red bumps and red skin.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The area around the testea and the penis is highly vascular. It can lead to uncontrolla ble bleeding in case of local trauma. Since it was touched by hands a couple of years ago, there could be some bleeding inside causing it to look like a rash on the area.You can consider waiting for a couple of days for the rash to go away or see a doctor for an examination and further advice.Avoid tight clothes, pressure over the area and high pressure over the area.Hope this helped.Regards. .

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Patient: I think you may have a typo in your answer. You say “since it was touched by hands a couple of years ago”. If you see the beginning of my question, you’ll notice that it was two days ago, not years. The skin seems a little dry, will lotion like Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion be ok to use in this area? Also, would you expect sexual Intercourse to worsen the condition even with a condom?

Doctor: Hello,
Yes, we meant two days, sorry for that. Yes, you can apply the lotion that you have mentioned. It is recommended to avoid intercourse even with a condom as it would still cause some amount of pressure and friction over the area and can lead to bleeding and inflammation after the intercourse. Wait till it completely heals.