Two different antibiotics have not helped?

Patient: I have been sick for 15 days now. It started out as “normal” cold symptoms, and then about a week ago I lost hearing in my R ear from fluid. My left ear started hurting that day as well so I went into the Dr to get an antibiotic since I assumed I had an ear infection. I was prescribed amoxacillin and sent home. Four days later I still could not hear out of my R ear, I had developed a bad cough where I could not breathe frequently, a headache, and my fatigue had gotten worse. I went in to a different doctor who said both my ears were still infected, I had bronchitis (I realize this may be viral so may not go away with antibiotics), and a sinus infection. I was then taken of amoxacillin and put on Augmentin.(Also put me on an inhaler, cough meds, decongestants/nasal sprays) I have been on augmentin 48 hours now, and the pain in my ears has gotten worse and feel just as bad or worse then I did before. Should I be concerned my ear infection is not going away with two different antibiotics and that I have only been getting more sick for the past 15 days? Im going back in tomorrow if nothing starts to help but I’m wondering if there is more I should do or if I should go to an ER…? Im staying hydrated but I am honestly getting to the point I am too tired to eat.

Symptoms: Double ear infection, loss of hearing, coughing, shortness of breathe, headache, fatigue, generalized weakness

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your ear infection does not seem to be responding to the two previous courses of antibiotic s therefore you may need to start an even stronger course of antibiotics. We understand that this may be frustrating because you underwent two courses of antibiotic treatment but it is very important that you return to your doctor once more to be reevaluated. At this point, you may be referred to an ear nose and throat specialist to assess your hearing loss due to this infection.Thank you for consulting